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Benefit from change – use your opportunities

We know the path. We create relationships. We offer you all-round consulting and support independent of providers and always according to your needs – from the solution concept to the complete operative introduction and the successful implementation as well as the smooth transfer from a project to regular operations. This is indispensable, especially with the introduction of new technologies.

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Added value that produces more than revenue

Today, being successful in the market depends on the number of customers, revenue, sales; however, the customer who stays becomes more and more important. But what strategy does a company need that strives for a long-term commitment of its customers?

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Relationship marketing – art and philosophy

Relationship marketing is more than CRM: it is an art and a philosophy. Only when all areas of a company act together can a long-lasting, valuable relationship be developed with the customer. The smooth running of the processes and the focussed direction towards a customer-oriented organisation is important for the acquisition of demanding clients.

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Veränderungen wahrnehmen, Innovationen entwickeln, Chancen nutzen

Only companies with goals make progress and put changes into practice. That does not mean to stand still and rest, but to make one step after the other. On this way, your company will encounter unknown challenges again and again, and we will overcome these obstacles together, because our consultants have an eye for the newest innovations and the professional competence based on many years of experience. Therefore, with regard to special topics such as M&A transactions they are able to make a future-oriented assessment in respect of mergers or acquisitions.

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Identifying and supporting common potentials

MC Relationship Marketing GmbH offers a complex concept for your company’s success.

Relationship Marketing is to give your full attention to the customers, their desires and expectations. Aspects of relationship marketing include customer acquisition, customer development and loyalty as well as customer satisfaction, amongst others, but also the innovative product development and product management in line with the actual needs. Consistent relationship marketing is about any kind of relationship between companies and customers. To actively shape this interaction based on the rules of the market is the daily challenge. The staff of MC Relationship Marketing GmbH possess many years of operational and conceptual experience. We see ourselves as partners at your side assisting you with problem analysis, concept development and implementation of measures. Our experts create the basis for the success of your product in the market. We analyse your sales organisation, optimise your sales structure and show you new sales channels towards the perfect sales control for your company! We also measure customer satisfaction, introduce or carry out quality monitoring and increase the quality of your customer service – all for your customers’ loyalty.


Together we’ll increase the success your company too!

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